Why do I need my chimney swept?

If the chimney isn’t right, you’ll get..

•Dangerous smoke emissions to the room

•Slow lighting, poor performance

•Difficulty in burning for extended periods

•Tar and soot deposits

•Excess smoke emission from the chimney

•Lack of control

Carbon Monoxide is a deadly gas which can cause illness, permanent health damage and far too often, death. It is formed by the incomplete combustion of fossil fuels –gas, coal, wood and oil. A certain amount will be formed during the normal process of burning the fossil fuel but the gas is evacuated safety up the chimney and away. However, if your chimney is blocked, or leaking, or if your appliance airways or throat plate are not clear, then the gases will not escape into the atmosphere, but flow back into your house,
Almost all cases of carbon monoxide poisoning with solid fuel are the result of a blocked or leaking chimney or poor maintenance.

Smokeless Fuel- Once per year
Coal- twice per year
Wood Burning- Quarterly when in use
Gas- Once per year if designed for chimney sweeping
Oil Fired- Once per year