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chimneyWhen you’re looking for a chimney sweep service in Hampshire, there are really only three considerations:

How much will it cost?
How much mess will there be?
Will it be done properly?
The answers are: From £40.00 for a standard sweep.

A standard chimney sweep is when there are no major blockages and no requirement to go up on to the roof. We sweep the chimney, carry out a smoke draw test (to ensure the smoke is drawn up the chimney and out of the top) and provide a full safety certificate.

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Chimney Sweep Hampshire. Your fireplace will be completely covered with dustsheets and the sweep will work using a combination of brushes and a vacuum cleaner designed specifically for this type of work. Soot is either sucked into the vacuum cleaner or falls into a sheet in the grate, which is then bagged up and taken away. Your chimney sweep will always remove their shoes whilst in your home and further sheeting will be placed around the fireplace where our equipment will be situated.

We have a wealth of experience, sweeping chimneys all over Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex. As members of the Institute of Chimney Sweeps (ICS), we are committed to a first class and professional service.

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